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Forging great leaders in time of crisis – by Alison Reid

How many times today have you checked your WhatsApp, your Instagram or Facebook feed, perhaps Twitter or the local news for more information about Covid-19? Five? Ten? Twenty or more? This is a clear ...

ISO 17024 Summary

ISO 17024 is a complicated standard. This document is aimed at simplifying the concepts for the reader.

Tinkering within Chaos

Many CEOs feel challenged with the abundance of disruptive future forces. A lot of Boards seem bewildered with such chaotic phenomena in our unsettling age. Welcome to our chaotic PIES of VUCA! Progre...


ProfWeb to host Principles of Professional Consulting Course

In response to industry demand, ProfWeb, a specialist professional services company, is hosting its renowned Principles of Professional Consulting (PPC) course on the 23rd and 24th June 2011 at the ...

body of knowledge

The Common Body of Knowledge

The Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) is about knowledge and the associated learning. It is not a framework for determining competency. This is addressed by the competency framework, the description of w...

Pen and paper

An Interview with Angelo Kehayas, council member of the Institute of Management Consultants

Nobody knows everything. All too often our own interests, our limited skills and the immediacy of our problems cloud our ability to make sound judgements, or even to see a solution. That’s where a con...

Profweb directory of Learning Programmes

ProfWeb is a professional services firm that functions in three core domains, namely consulting, recruitment and capacity building. The company consists of a network of professionals who specialise in...

Report back from the Annual Congress of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)

The IMCSA executive director has recently returned from the ICMCI meeting held in San Francisco. A number of interesting trends and issues were discussed and strategic initiatives reviewed and prior...

The state of outsourcing in SA

Outsourcing is an executive tool that can reduce/contain costs, mitigate risk, eliminate areas of capital expenditure, move fixed costs to variable costs and reduce headcount. Outsourcing has become o...

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