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Angelo has a Bachelor of Science and an MBA, is an academic fellow of the ICMCI and has extensive coaching, management and consulting experience in both large and small organizations.

He has been involved in numerous transformation projects, has served at executive level in a number of large organizations and has 38 years of business experience in a variety of industries.


Carl is a well qualified and experienced corporate executive with a solid results track record in leadership and executive roles.

He is a pragmatic and realistic individual with strong work ethics who places a premium on integrity and on making a difference. He is level headed in dealing with conflict and difficult situations and known for structuring and guiding complex & undefined projects. He understands how to build effective teams around him and empower them using operational delivery frameworks. His experience at the executive level leaves him well versed and comfortable in interacting with business leaders, speaking with large audiences and dealing with the media.

Carl holds an Honours degree in Electronic Engineering as well as Masters degree in Business Leadership. Most recently he served as Executive Manager for Information Technology and Online Business at the JSE listed Comair Limited where he played an instrumental role in establishing as the leading online business in the South Africa and in 2010 started Extraordinary Minds Consulting to leverage the experience of executive level associates in delivering strategic projects to clients.


Graham Williams is a certified management consultant.

He works locally and internationally, specializing in dissolving customer service stress points, developing leaders and steering transition.

He is also a neuro-linguistic practitioner and accredited service provider and assessor. Graham is the author of Centering Customer Satisfaction, Reflections for 3H Leaders, Reveling in Transition, and The Halo and the Noose and Story Matters @ Work (co – authored with Prof Dorian Haarhoff)


Dr James Robertson is a management consultant and Professional Engineer whose focus is to bring the disciplines of engineering to the IT industry – practical and relevant high quality, high value outcomes cost and time effectively achieved with high certainty of success.

He has invested heavily in developing methods and approach to achieve this goal and sets high standards in terms of software design and implementation.

His focus includes IT mythology, strategy determination and strategic planning, executive custody, facilitation of change, engineering standards of design and implementation, strategic configuration and taxonomies and other elements required to achieve successful IT project outcomes through excellent strategic solution concepts coupled with project execution designed to prevent failure.

While much of James’ career experience relates to ERP he has experience in diverse other areas relating to the application of information technology in business.