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Read more about these Personality Types: Weaknesses and Strengths

Should you wish to know more about how personality affects your personal style and how you are perceived, please visit Profweb to book a private consultation.

We offer customised in-house courses on communication, emotional intelligence, personality, conflict and influence for you and your team.

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Selecting the right team for your company is critical to your success and we can arrange a team coaching session or focused consultation to help you with this all important task. Call us know to arrange the right intervention for you and your organisation on +27(0)11 789 9996

For more information, please visit Profweb for courses and information and Thought Leader for premium content and tools.

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Written by Angelo Kehayas
Angelo is a Public and Key Note Speaker, a Business, Executive and Leadership Coach. He has served at senior level in blue chip companies and has established and run successful ventures in multiple industries. He has designed and delivered corporate development programmes, focused speaking events, and has coached executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs. He specialises in challenging assignments, solving systems problems and facilitating group and team planning sessions. He is certified as a Master Coach, Certified Management Consultant and NLP Practitioner.

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