Thought Leader


Adapted from Personality Patterns by Lana Bateman, published by Hutington House, Inc., Lafayette, LA.


AdventurousOne who will take on new and daring enterprises with a determination to master them
AdaptableEasily fits and is comfortable in any situation
AnimatedFull of life, lively use of hand, arm, and face gestures
AnalyticalLikes to examine the parts for their logical and proper relationship


PersistentSees one project through to its completion before stating another
PlayfulFull of fun and good humour
PersuasiveConvinces through logic and fact rather than charm or power
PeacefulSeems undisturbed and tranquil and retreats from any form of strife


SubmissiveEasily accepts any other’s point of view or desire with little need to assert his own opinion
Self-sacrificingWillingly gives up his own personal being for the sake of, or to meet the needs of others
SociableOne who sees being with others as an opportunity to be cute and entertaining rather than as a challenge or business opportunity
Strong-willedOne who is determined to have his own way


ConsiderateHaving regard for the needs and feelings of others
ControlledHas emotional feelings but rarely displays them
CompetitiveTurns every situation, happening, or game into a contest and always plays to win
ConvincingCan win you over to anything through the sheer charm of his personality


RefreshingRenews and stimulates or makes others feel good
RespectfulTreats others with deference, honour, and esteem
ReservedSelf-restraint in expression of emotion or enthusiasm
ResourcefulAble to act quickly and effectively in virtually all situations


SatisfiedA person who easily accepts any circumstance or situation
SensitiveIntensively cares about others, and what happens
Self-reliantAn independent person who can fully rely on his own capabilities, judgment, and resources
SpiritedFull of life and excitement


PlannerPrefers to work out a detailed arrangement beforehand for the accomplishment of project or goal, and prefers involvement with the planning stages and the finished product rather than the carrying out the task
PatientUnmoved by delay, remains calm and tolerant
PositiveKnows it will turn out right if he’s in charge
PromoterUrges or compels others to go along, join, or invest through the charm of his own personality


SureConfident, rarely hesitates or wavers
SpontaneousPrefers all life to be impulsive, unpremeditated activity, not restricted by plans
ScheduledMakes, and lives, according to a daily plan, dislikes his plans to be interrupted
ShyQuiet, doesn’t easily instigate a conversation


OrderlyA person who has a methodical, systematic arrangement of things
ObligingOne who is quick to do it another’s way
OutspokenSpeaks frankly and without reserve
OptimisticSunny disposition who convinces himself and others that everything will turn out all right


FriendlyA responder rather than an initiator, seldom starts a conversation
FaithfulConsistently reliable, steadfast, loyal, and devoted sometimes beyond reason
FunnySparkling sense of humour that can make virtually any story into an hilarious event
ForcefulA commanding personality whom others would hesitate to take a stand against


DaringWilling to take risks, fearless, bold
DelightfulA person who is upbeat and fun to be with
DiplomaticDeals with people tactfully, sensitively, and patiently
DetailedDoes everything in proper order with a clear memory of all the things that happen


CheerfulConsistently in good spirits and promoting happiness in others
ConsistentStays emotionally on an even keel, responding as one might expect
CulturedOne whose interests involve both intellectual and artistic pursuits, such as theatre, symphony, ballet
ConfidentSelf assured and certain of own ability and success


IdealisticVisualizes things in their perfect form, and has a need to measure up to that standard himself
IndependentSelf-sufficient, self-supporting, self-confident, and seems to have little need of help
InoffensiveA person who never says or causes anything unpleasant or objectionable
InspiringEncourages others to work, join, or be involved, and makes the whole thing fun


DemonstrativeOpenly expresses emotion, especially affection and doesn’t hesitate to touch others while speaking to them
DecisiveA person with quick, conclusive, judgment-making ability
Dry-humourExhibits “dry wit” usually one-lines which can be sarcastic in nature
DeepIntense and often introspective with distaste conversation and pursuits


MediatorConsistently finds him-or herself in the role of reconciling differences in order to avoid conflict
MusicalParticipates in or has deep appreciation for music, is committed to music as an art form, rather than the fun of performance
MoverDriven by need to be productive, is a leader whom other follow, finds it difficult to sit still
Mixes easilyLoves a party and can’t wait to meet everyone I the room, never meets a stranger


ThoughtfulA considerate person who remembers special occasions and is quick to make a kind gesture
TenaciousHolds on firmly, stubbornly, and wont let go until the goal is accomplished
TalkerConstantly talking, generally telling funny stories and entertaining everyone around, feeling the need to fill the silence in order to make others comfortable
TolerantEasily accepts the thoughts and ways of others without the need to disagree with or change them


ListenerAlways seems willing to hear what you have to say
LoyalFaithful to a person, ideal, or job, sometimes beyond reason
LeaderA natural born director, who is driven to be in charge, and often finds it difficult to believe that everyone else can do the job well
LivelyFull of life, vigorous, energetic


ContentedEasily satisfied with what he has, rarely envious
ChiefCommands leadership and experts people to follow
Chart makerOrganizes life, tasks, and problem solving by making lists, forms, or graphs
CutePrecious, adorable, centre of attention


PerfectionistPlaces high standards on himself, and often on others, desiring that everything be in proper order at all times
PleasantEasygoing, easy to be around, easy to talk with
ProductiveMust constantly be working or achieving, often finds it difficult to rest
PopularLife of the party and therefore much desired as a party guest


BouncyA bubbly, lively personality, full of energy
BoldFearless, daring, Forward, unafraid of risks
BehavedConsistently desires to conduct himself within the realm of what he feels is proper
BalancedStable, middle-of-the-road personality, not subject to sharp highs or lows


BlankA person who shows little facial expression or emotion
BashfulShrinks from getting attention, resulting from self-consciousness
BossyCommanding, domineering, sometimes overbearing in adult relationship
BrassyShowy, flashy, comes on strong, too loud


UndisciplinedA person whose lack of order permeates most every area of his life
UnenthusiasticTends to not get excited, often feeling it won’t work anyway
UnforgivingOne who has difficulty forgiving or forgetting a hurt or injustice done to them, apt to hold onto a grudge
UnsympatheticFinds it difficult to relate to the problems or hurts of others


ReticentUnwilling or struggles against getting involved, especially when complex
ResistantStrives, works against, or hesitates to accept any other way but his own
ResentfulOften holds ill feelings as a result of real or imagined offences
RepetitiousRetells stories and incidents to entertain you without realizing he has already told the story several times before, is constantly needing something to say


FussyInsistent over petty matters or details, calling for great attention to trivial details
FearfulOften experiences feelings of deep concern, apprehension, or anxiousness
ForgetfulLack of memory which is usually tied to a lack of discipline an not bothering to mentally record thongs that aren’t fun
FrankStraightforward, outspoken and doesn’t mind telling you exactly what he thinks


ImpatientA person who finds it difficult to endure irritation or wait for others
InsecureOne who is apprehensive or lacks confidence
IndecisiveThe person who finds it difficult to make any decisions at all Not the personality that labours long over each decision in order to make the perfect one
InterruptsA person who is more of a talker than a listener, who starts speaking without even realizing someone else is already speaking


UnpopularA person whose intensity and demand for perfection
UninvolvedHas no desire to listen or become interested in clubs ,groups, activities, or other peoples lives
UnpredictableMay be ecstatic one moment and down the next, or willing to help but then disappears, or promises to come but forgets to show up
UnaffectionateFinds it difficult to verbally or physically demonstrate tenderness


HeadstrongInsists on having his own way
HaphazardHas no consistent way of doing things
Hard to pleaseA person whose standards are set so high that it is difficult to ever satisfy them
HesitantSlow to get moving and hard to get involved


PlainA middle-of-the-road personality without highs or lows and showing little, if any, emotion
PessimisticWhile hoping for the best, this person generally sees the down-side of a situation first
ProudOne with great self-esteem who sees himself as always right and the best person for the job
PermissiveAllows others (Including children) to do as they please in order to keep from being disliked


Angered easilyOne who has a childlike flash-in-the-pan temper that expresses itself in tantrum style and is over and forgotten almost instantly
AimlessNot a goal-setter with little desire to be one
ArgumentativeIncites arguments generally because he is right, no matter what the situation may be
AlienatedEasily feels estranged from others, often because of insecurity or fear that others don’t really enjoy his company


NaïveSimple and childlike perspective, lacking sophistication or comprehension of what the deeper levels of life are really about
Negative attitudeOne whose attitude is seldom positive and is often able to see only the down or dark side of each situation
NervyFull of confidence, fortitude, and sheer guts, often in a negative sense
NonchalantEasygoing, unconcerned, indifferent


WorrierConsistently feels uncertain, troubled, or anxious
WithdrawnA person who pulls back to himself and needs a great deal of alone or isolation time
WorkaholicAn aggressive goal-setter who must be constantly productive and feels very guilty when resting, is not driven by a need for perfection or completion but by a need for accomplishment and reward
Wants creditThrives on the credit or approval of others. As an entertainer this person feeds

on the applause, laughter, and/or acceptance of an audience


Too sensitiveOverly introspective and easily offended when misunderstood
TactlessSometimes expresses himself in a somewhat offensive and inconsiderate way
TimidShrinks from difficult situations
TalkativeAn entertaining, compulsive talker who finds it difficult to listen


DoubtfulCharacterized by uncertainty and lack of confidence that will ever work out
DisorganizedLack of ability to ever get life in order
DomineeringCompulsively takes control of situations and/ or people, usually telling others what to do
DepressedA person who feels down much of the time


InconsistentErratic, contradictory, with actions and emotions not based on logic
IntrovertA person whose thoughts and interests are directed inward, lives within himself
IntolerantAppears unable to withstand or accept another’s attitude, point of view, or way
IndifferentA person to whom most things don’t matter one way or the other


MessyLiving in a state of disorder, unable to find things
MoodyDoesn’t get very high emotionally, but easily slips into lows, often when feeling unappreciated
MumblesWill talk quietly under the breath when pushed, doesn’t bother to speak clearly
ManipulativeInfluences or manages shrewdly o deviously for his own advantages, will get his way


SlowDoesn’t often act or think quickly, too much of a bother
StubbornDetermined to exert his or her own will, not easily persuaded, obstinate
Show-offNeeds to be the centre of attention, wants to be watched
ScepticalDisbelieving, questioning the motive behind the words


LonerRequires a lot of private time and tends to avoid other people
Lord overDoesn’t hesitate to let you know that he is right or in control
LazyEvaluates work or activity in terms of how much energy it will take
LoudA person whose laugh or voice can be heard above others in the room


SluggishSlow to get started, needs push to be motivated
SuspiciousTends to suspect or disrupt others or ideas
Short-temperedHave a demanding impatience-based anger and a short fuse. Anger is expressed when others are not moving fast enough or have not completed what they have been asked to do
Scatterbrained.Lacks the power of concentration or attention, flighty.


RevengefulKnowingly or otherwise holds a grudge and punishes the offender, often by subtly withholding friendship or affection
RestlessLikes constant new activity because it isn’t fun to do the same things all the time
ReluctantUnwilling or struggles against getting involved
RashMay act hastily, without thinking things through, generally because of impatience


CompromisingWill often relax his position, even when right, in order to avoid conflict
CriticalConstantly evaluating and making judgments, frequently thinking or expressing negative reactions
CraftyShrewd, one who can always find a way to get to the desired end
ChangeableA childlike, short attention span that needs a lot of change and variety to keep from getting bored



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